My name is Ronnie Sisneros. I have been married to my wife for over 15 years, we have raised a loving family. My dad and his family originally came from Manzano, New Mexico, and my mother is from West Texas. I have 5 brothers, and 2 sisters. My Dad has since passed away but my mother is living with my brother in Roswell in good health. My father always worked and had a good job, he was always respected and valued as a worker. I learned my hard work ethic from him.

We were raised to be accountable for our actions, and to always try to do the right thing. I was taught by my mother to do what was needed to protect your family, home, and children. Baptized Catholic, I was brought up to respect God, and I refer to my grandchildren as “my good little Catholics” I always tell them to say the Lord’s prayer and he will hear you, as he has heard me many times going through this life. 

I worked with the developmentally disabled for six years before I went to school to become an occupational therapy assistant. I have a fondness, and empathy for those suffering from mental illness; depression, bi-polar, schizophrenia ive seen them suffer so much and it’s heartbreaking. 

In 2006 I accepted a position as an occupational therapy assistant after graduating from Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell. We love Las Cruces because of the people, and because of its beauty. But I cannot believe how much it has changed in the past 10 years — and not for the better. Almost everyone I know works multiple jobs just to be able to live in a decent home or to have a vehicle that doesn’t constantly break down. Or even afford groceries and keep the lights on. 

The city spends more, and more and raises tax after tax, passing bond issue, after bond issue– but has it actually made life better for Las Crucens like you? Do you feel that the City listens to the people or that they ignore us? How many times have we seen streets torn up, paved, then literally done again in the same place? Meanwhile businesses in those areas go bankrupt or even close the doors forever. I am a regular person who remembers what Las Cruces used to be, and wants it back for the people of Las Cruces. Our local public officials are not responsible for the world, or even the state; they are responsible for the communities and the neighborhoods that you live in. 

Like many of us, I believe this negative path we have been on must come to an end. As the old saying goes, “Ya Bastante, Es Hora de Levantarse” that means “Enough! Now is The Time To Stand Up”. 

I will listen to you and I will stand up with you! 

My name is Ronnie Sisneros and I ask for your vote to be your next City Councilor in District 5.

Volunteer Experience

  • Doña Ana County Republican Party
  • poll watcher, election challenger
  • Fundraising Volunteer, phone bank, door knocking
  • New Mexico State Central committee
  • Doña Ana County Central committee
  • Doña Ana County Republican Party Second  Vice Chair
  • Republican Candidate For Las Cruces City Council District 5