It is of great honor to endorse Ronnie Sisneros, a wonderful strong fighter for New Mexico. It’s been an honor working alongside Ronnie as we have fought many battles for the betterment of New Mexicans together. During those times, he has shown me how dedicated he is to serve his state and country. Ronnie is a true person of integrity and wisdom, he will be a strong servant of the people of NM. Thank you Ronnie for all you do. God bless you!

Audrey Trujillo, Corrales Resident

Master Gunnery Sgt. Juan D. Garcia, USMC Retired, of Las Cruces most strongly endorses Mr. Ronnie Sisneros as a Candidate for Las Cruces City Council District 5. Ronnie is a strong, solid resident and supporter of the great people of Las Cruces. As a City Council member, Mr. Sisneros will place the well being and advancement of the residents of this great New Mexico City first. Tireless, and driven to success, Mr. Sisneros has the strategic vision to enact the right ordninances to help drive safe economic prosperity which all residents expect and deserve.

Mr. Sisneros will work with his fellow councilors but not at the expense of compromising his basic core conservative values, and principles. I am calling on all Las Cruces veterans and voters of all parties in Disrict 5 to support, and vote for Mr. Sisneros. The battle won’t be easy but once he is elected, we will have no regrets. Mr. Sisneros is a true conservative who believes in God, Country, and Family and is a concerned citizen, who will volunteer his time, knowledge, and expertise to make a difference for our community.

I have personally known Mr. Ronnie Sisneros for quite some time and know, without a doubt, that his love and dedication to Las Cruces will truly make him an outstanding City Councilor in District 5.

MGySgt Juan D. Garcia, U.S. Marine Corp (Retired)

Ronnie has shown the strength to stand up for what’s right. As a Vietnam combat veteran, I understand just how important true leadership is. He is one of the most caring individuals I know and who has gone the extra mile to support injured and disabled veterans as well as our at-risk youth. I proudly endorse Ronnie Sisneros to be Las Cruces City Counselor because he is honorable and trustworthy and will listen to the people to make our city a better place to live.

David Cheek, Las Cruces resident

My name is Raymond Sisneros I live in Boulder, Colorado with my family where we have lived for over 25 years, although I lived in Las Cruces for years after my discharge from the United States Navy. I attended New Mexico State University where I received my Bachelor’s degree, “go aggies”.

I know Ronnie will be a great Las Cruces City Councilor and I endorse him without reservation. He has always been a fighter, never willing to give up, a dedicated family man, and loyal to his Family and Friends, always willing to help if a need arises.

Ronnie is also a man of faith believing in God, and has a full understanding of what he wants for Las Cruces which is the betterment of their lives, for all people. I know this about Ronnie because I am his oldest brother, and I fully endorse Ronnie and hope to see him soon as the next Las Cruces City Councilor in District 5.

Raymond P. Sisneros
U.S. Navy veteran
U.S. Army veteran
Boulder, Colorado

I was born in Roswell, New Mexico, although I have been living in Ruidoso for many years. I have worked for the City of Ruidoso, and was a union member for many years as well. I enjoy living here and plan on retiring here among the pine trees, as I have told Ronnie “you could not get me out of these mountains”

When I found out Ronnie was running for City Council in Las Cruces I was not surprised as he has always done things with the same thought process which is thinking about something, researching it, pros, and cons then after he makes a decision then it is “lock and load”

Ronnie will be a good City Councilor cuz he has respect for Las Cruces, and New Mexico including our ideas, customs, and history, and traditions, and he has always respected veterans and their sacrifice. I can say easily that I endorse Ronnie without reservation as the next Las Cruces City Councilor in District 5 and I wish him all the luck, and my hope as his older brother.

Eddies Sisneros
U.S. Navy veteran

Mesquite Historic District

The Mesquite District is recognized as part of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro, the historic Spanish Intercontinental Royal Route from Mexico City to Santa Fe. This original town site is rich in both history and culture; with 22 of the original blocks still in existence and more than 20 families of the primary settlers continuing to live on their family properties.

The history of the Mesquite original town site starts with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which ended the war between Mexico and the U.S. in 1848. Under this treaty, New Mexico became a U.S. territory and Doña Ana became an American village with U.S. Army troops stationed there to protect the Mesilla Valley from Apache raids. Doña Ana villagers feared newcomers would take their lands and ruin their way of life.

Don Pablo Meléndrez, the Mayor of Doña Ana, asked Lt. Delos Bennett Sackett to survey a town site further south which would become Las Cruces. As incentive, Don Pablo Meléndrez offered Doña Ana residents free town lots to those who agreed to relocate to this new town; 120 eager settlers camped in the brush shelters on land that would become the heart of Las Cruces. Under a large cottonwood near Griggs Avenue and Mesquite Street, families drew lots from a hat to determine the new properties each family would own.

Plotted out with rawhide ropes in 1849, the Mesquite District features many charming adobes painted in vibrant rainbow shades some which date to the founding of the town with many more are at least a century old. Some of the neighborhood’s highlights include the Sunshine Grocery, the Nevarez House, and Barncastle House and store.

In the past few years, the Mesquite district site has started to undergo a revival with renovations of old adobes, the installation of the art projects such as the Jardín de Mesquite a tile art mural that depicts the history of the community and the Entrada del Sol, an archway in the eastern part of the district that was created by ceramic artist Glenn Schwaiger.

In 2010, preservation work began on the Phillips CME Chapel Church, the first African-American church in Las Cruces that also served as a community center and school during segregation. Improvements to this area are due to the efforts of community residents, university and college staff, city leaders and law makers, as well as various organizations who have worked in collaboration to create a safer and thriving neighbourhood with a sense of identity.

A nice video of the Mesquite District can be found on YouTube.