Ronnie Sisneros

Republican Candidate for Las Cruces City Council District 5

I as well as most of the citizens in Las Cruces in District 5 are tired of the elected leaders making decisions based on national, social agendas. Can we say honestly that these agendas have produced a positive impact on people in the Southwest? must less the people in the “City of The Crosses”.

It is quite apparent that their goal is to change values, ideals, customs, traditions, and social accepted norms into something that has nothing to do with Faith, Family, or Fredom!

New Mexico is the home to the oldest, continuous Capital “Santa Fe” in the history of North America that has continued to remain in place regardless of the changes over the past 400 years.

I am a loyal American citizen who has always fought for and will continue to defend my country from those who would want to undo the fabric of the country, and remake it into something that it has never been.

  1. I support law enforcement without reservation as they are a backbone of a civilized society;
  2. I support the citizens rights to bear arms and I resist any effort
    brought before me to attempt to infringe on this right given us in the constitution;
  3. I will support small local businesses above all others, because they
    continue to remain not only the backbone of community financial stability, but also allow individuals to engage in endeavors that provide them with independence and freedom to choose their destiny;
  4. Every decision I will make as your next City Councilor District 5 will be viewed with a conservative mind, and a common sense approach to municipal government.